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Update: I have turned down my PhD offer and joined Recurrent.AI as a researcher.

Yulun Du is was a graduate student of Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He is working worked in the Dialog Research Center under the supervisions of Dr. Maxine Eskenazi and Prof. Alan W. Black.

He is broadly interested in research problems in intersection with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing with a research goal to develop intelligent systems that can understand language and interact with human.

Prior to coming to CMU, Yulun spent some years at UIUC working with his esteemed professors Kevin C. Chang and Aditya Parameswaran.


• 2017-12: You are welcome to talk with Skylar (our dialog agent) from my colleagues' webpages -- Tiancheng Zhao and Kyusong Lee.


Multimodal Polynomial Fusion for Detecting Driver Distraction
Yulun Du, Alan W Black, Louis-Philippe Morency and Maxine Eskenazi.

Controllable Invariance through Adversarial Feature Learning
Qizhe Xie, Zihang Dai, Yulun Du, Eduard Hovy and Graham Neubig.
NIPS 2017 [slides] [code]

DialPort, Gone Live: An Update After A Year of Development
Kyusong Lee, Tiancheng Zhao, Yulun Du, Edward Cai, Allen Lu, Eli Pincus, David Traum, Stefan Ultes, Lina M. Rojas-Barahona, Milica Gasic, Steve Young and Maxine Eskenazi.

DialPort: Real-World Data for Academia Spoken Dialog Systems
Tiancheng Zhao, Yulun Du, Kyusong Lee and Maxine Eskenazi.
NIPS 2017 Workshop on Conversational AI